Saturday, May 30 IMPORTANT – DAMAGE ASSESSMENT AND HELP IS HEADED OUT YOUR WAY AT THE LAKE TODAY! There is a team of volunteers who will be asking you to fill out the damage survey if you haven’t already. Please cooperate with them so they can assess and help you out with any tornado damage. They will be wearing yellow shirts.

No issues to report! Please make sure we have your correct email addresses. You can send a message via the “contact us” portion of the website. Then we can record it in our Customers group, and give you advance notice of any issues.

For a map of our service area, click this link!

Here is a link to the totals of Covid-19 chart you see on a lot of media stations, with world-wide statistics. 

Due to the increased costs of additional testing and treatment required by the State of Texas, your water rates will be increasing effective with usage in November, with bills you will receive in December. Your Board of Directors has allocated to still allow you your free 2000 gallons, with your base rate. The base rate will be increasing to $39.00/month. Here is a link to the new rate chart with added usage over the 2000 gallons. We still remain one of the lowest cost rural suppliers in Texas!

The city is in the process of going from chloramines to free chlorine, as they do every summer. There may be a bit of an odor, and perhaps even a tinge of a taste to the water. This COULD take about a month to totally progress through our systems. As a reminder, it indicated NOTHING wrong with the water. Its just a change in your treatment.




Just a reminder, for those who need to come to the billing office for any reason…WE HAVE MOVED! We are now at 607-A Lindsey St (across Lindsey from Allsups, near the corner of Lindsey and 59N. In the same building as Modern Hair Salon) Phone number, and PO BOX remain the same!!!

02Aug2018 – 11:00AM – If you have heard any rumors about the city imposing their trash pickup on citizens outside the city proper, if they have their water, be rest assured it does NOT affect you! It is only for those who are outside the city limits who purchase their water directly from the City of Bowie. Since you purchase from us, you are not affected, should it become a fact. In essence, we, as the company Amon Carter Water Supply, as a purchaser of water from the city, would be. But not you, our customers. So, no worries!!

If you see a blue flag by your water lines/meter, please leave it. Ross is doing some identification work on the lines/boxes.

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Lake Amon Carter

 Office Hours are 9-11AM T/W/T

As always, please contact Ross for emergencies!

The “Homeserve Warranty” letters are being circulated again. As a reminder this is NOT endorsed by Amon Carter Lake Water Supply Corp, and is NOT required by us, or the city. You are invited to look them up on RipOff Report ( to find out more about this company. DO NOT let their “unofficial official” letter intimidate you! Before you purchase ANY type of extra “warranty” services, contact your insurance agent. I get many of these saying my car warranty is about to expire, which is a joke as my car is new! Just please research before any type of purchase is made. IT IS NOT CONDONED OR ENDORSED BY US, OR THE CITY!

ACLWSC brings Superior-rated potable water to the residents at and around Lake Amon Carter, in historic Bowie, Texas.

We are a non-profit, member-owned and member-controlled corporation. Our operations are performed under the responsibility of our Board of Directors. We are governed by all the laws and regulations of the State of Texas, the USDA, the Texas Water Development Board, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

We purchase our water from the City of Bowie, and through our own equipment and lines, supply it to your meter. Our water quality consistantly meets and exceeds the standards for potable water systems.


Property owners are responsible for water service at their residences unless the occupant/renter have made other arrangements with our Business Office.

Contact our Business Office by clicking here to email us  or call us at (940) 872-5505

In case of Emergency, OR meter seepage or leak issues, contact the Technician on Duty at (940) 841-2961

Lake levels and precipitation info as provided by the USGS click here!