Emergency Alerts

Urgent Alerts from Amon Carter Lake Water Supply

As of 10:00AM Aug 14, 2019

FINAL UPDATE: WEDNESDAY-10:00AM : Its completed!! Its been found, and sealed! Should be no more impact for you!!! (Miracles DO happen!)

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: 9:00AM – They are out there, they are working, Ross is with them. Will let you know as soon as I get an update! As of right now, the water is still on, but it could be going off at any time…..or not! Again, we don’t have anything concrete as of yet!

TUESDAY UPDATE: 2:45PM – The city has said they intent to be out there to start digging it up around 8AM TOMORROW (Wednesday, the 14th) Since they won’t know what they are dealing with until they see it, we can’t give you an estimate on the time involved. As Ross said, it could be an easy, 1 hour fix, or it could be a complicated 10 hour fix. I will keep this updated as we hear!!

Update: MONDAY: It appears it will NOT be repaired tomorrow (Tuesday) either. Right now we are looking at Wednesday (at least thats what the city has told us!) We don’t have times yet, or any other details. But as of today, water will be fine tomorrow (TUESDAY!) Will update when we get more facts.

11:10AM – GOOD NEWS! (Well, maybe….) The city has decided now they are NOT going to fix it now..they want to wait until they can “schedule” it. (Tentatively Tuesday, next week, but we will update as we are more certain.) So… no water outage today!!!

10:35AM – no real update, except it hasn’t been turned off yet. Updates as they happen!!!

Wednesday, 07Aug 2019 9:15AM – Bad news folks. The city has a leak on their main transmission line to us. The water will be off within the next hour. Ross is out there over-seeing it all, and we will keep you updated via this medium, and the website. Please stay tuned! And PLEASE TELL YOUR NEIGHBORS!

The city is in the process of going from chloramines to free-chlorine, as they do every summer. There may be a bit of an odor, and perhaps even a tinge of a taste to the water. This COULD take about a month to totally progress through our systems. As a reminder, it indicated NOTHING wrong with the water. Its just a change in your treatment.

All systems A-OK

Just a reminder, for those who need to come to the billing office for any reason…WE HAVE MOVED! We are now at 607-A Lindsey St (across Lindsey from Allsups, near the corner of Lindsey and 59N. In the same building as Modern Hair Salon) Phone number, and PO BOX remain the same!!!



02Aug2018 – 11:00AM – If you have heard any rumors about the city imposing their trash pickup on citizens outside the city proper, if they have their water, be rest assured it does NOT affect you! It is only for those who are outside the city limits who purchase their water directly from the City of Bowie. Since you purchase from us, you are not affected, should it become a fact. In essence, we, as the company Amon Carter Water Supply, as a purchaser of water from the city, would be. But not you, our customers. So, no worries!!

No issues to report! Please make sure we have your correct email addresses. You can send a message via the “contact us” portion of the website. Then we can record it in our Customers group, and give you advance notice of any issues.

If you see a blue flag by your water lines/meter, please leave it. Ross is doing some identification work on the lines/boxes.

Check us out and LIKE us on Facebook! We will use that for updating also!




The “Homeserve Warranty” letters are being circulated again. As a reminder this is NOT endorsed by Amon Carter Lake Water Supply Corp, and is NOT required by us, or the city. You are invited to look them up on RipOff Report (http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/specific_search/homeserve) to find out more about this company. DO NOT let their “unofficial official” letter intimidate you! Before you purchase ANY type of extra “warranty” services, contact your insurance agent. I get many of these saying my car warranty is about to expire, which is a joke as my car is new! Just please research before any type of purchase is made. IT IS NOT CONDONED OR ENDORSED BY US, OR THE CITY!


We have started using a handheld meter reader, when out reading the meters. This should help cut down on any misreads and excessive usages related to misreads! Please let us know if you have any concerns!



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